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Today I have cute blond volleyball twink Adam Slater in from Seatle. This hot smooth 18-year-old boy loves to tell me about his fantasies of having his tight clenched boyhole plugged by a fat veiny cock while someone sucks his scrumptious 7 incher. I`m so turned on by this fair skinned youngster`s tales of being attracted to older, stockier and shorter guys that I can`t wait to get swept away in the feeling of his tight young mouth wrapped around my big juicy dick. Adam starts off pulling on his thick peen, still hidden in his jeans, until he throws his shirt on the floor and tugs out his chubby circumcised dick! He slowly peels off his clothes as I watch him fondle himself until I can`t resist grasping his meat and working on it myself. Almost immediately he pushes my trackpants down and bends his neck to engulf my super hard cock with his soft, barely legal lips! His mouth feels like transcending to the afterlife with my throbbing hard-on deep inside, as I reach down to continue yanking on his throbbing tool. Finally I get up on my knees and heave rope after salty rope of white lather into his eagerly awaiting mouth. He keeps sucking the remnants from my slick taut piss slit before laying back and bursting a ton of glistening white sauce all over his slender stomach and chest. Have I mentioned that gentleman certainly prefer blondes? 06:01

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Diego is an easy going fresh face in sunny California. He is laid back, straight, hot, and has an alternative spiciness to him. He loves women, foreplay, sex on the beach, and oral just as much as the next guy. This one seems alright...until he lifts off his shirt exposing a beautiful hairy chest and some cut-up abs! Diego just got some major points in my book, and I have something major I wouldn`t mind giving to Diego. But I didn`t want to scare the straight lad just yet, so I kept my cool. Diego starts rubbing his dick through his jeans, getting all wound up and pulls out his cock. This Ohio born kid isn`t doing too bad in any department that I can see. A nice plush patch of pubes, a tan and taut tummy, and nice hairy chest. Wait, did I already say nice chest? With his tight blue jeans pulled all the way down to his Chucks, Diego gets a little more comfy on my couch. I then offer to make him just a little bit more comfortable Dirty Tony style. He licks his lips and strokes his man coat all the while throwing sultry looks at my camera, how was I to resist offering him a hand? In the end Diego seemed not to mind my gentle touch at all, he squirted rocker boy juice all over his lovely chest carpet, it then cascaded down his torso and leaked all over my hand. He gave me the thumbs up sign right after his last pleasure convulsion, expressing his gratitude I`m sure. Man I love straight guys! 03:55

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