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Too HOT to handle is what I should have named this gem! One of my favorite furry veterans Mikey and his gorgeous hairy chest are back for more action. When I first met Mikey, he swore up and down that he was as straight as as arrow, and as time (and a ex-wife or two) went by, he really opened up to the pleasures of the flesh, man-flesh that is. Luke is still pretty green in the porn biz, so I knew exactly who would show him the ropes. Luke goes in for the kill, head first and tonsils deep on Mikey`s dick. Luke is no stranger to sucking cock and no slouch either! This kid can really blow! Much to Mikey`s delight, the kid can fuck too, he gets spun into doggie and bent over my very lucky couch. Mikey plunges deep inside, relentlessly pounding away on Luke`s ass. Mikey`s man-coat is so full this time of year, he can`t even stop himself from running his fingers through it. Luke`s majestic ass takes the beating that Mikey is dealing in every position of the book. Snarling and moaning Mikey cums to climax, jumps up onto the back of my couch and lets his load fly all over Luke`s big DSL`s. And from what I remember, those really are some very soft dick sucking lips. 05:47

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