Doing Business 24:04

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What do you get when two hot bi-sexual boys get together? HOT FUCKING! These guys have similar interests, beautiful bodies and enough testosterone to blow up a room. One of my favorite sexy Latinos, Fabian, is here to fuck the daylights out of our young and innocent college boy, Glen. After chatting for a bit, the boys get down to business. Immediately after Glen says fuck my face, which Fabian obliges of course! Throwing his throbbing cock in and out of that warm mouth with his balls flapping all over Glen`s face. Fabian bends over, unzips his blond`s pants and gives him a nice blowjob of his own. Fabian tells Glen to flip over so he can try out his other tight hole and then spits on his puckered ass for some extra lubrication. Spreading those white, hairy cheeks apart, Fabian plows the hell out of his twinky bottom`s hole. Fabian`s muscles are rippling with every thrust as Glen moans out in pleasure. Flipping him over and throwing one leg over his shoulder, Fabian`s throbbing cock slams back into its eager home. Finally, Fabian is pushed over the edge by Glen`s pristine, pink fuckhole and the hot Latino sparys streams of hot cum all over Glen`s mouth and face. This is exactly what I like to see, man juices all over a young blond`s face! 05:48

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