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It`s a good day for porn! Our favorite jolly blonde giant Danny the Viking is back at what he does best. Robert is new to the world of gay sex and I thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head when he saw the size of his partner. Even sitting down our Viking towers over Robert from the windy city. Robert does his best to humor the large man sitting on the couch next to him, and Danny even lets a couple jokes fly. They settle in with a little light teasing, and Robert already starts asking why Danny`s belt is already undone. Danny suggests that maybe they should get to fucking and Robert timidly agrees. Being the romantic that he is, Danny sticks his tounge down Robert`s throat and there is some hair pulling, heavy breathing and deep kissing. Then we get to the good par--Robert goes down on Danny better than any straight guy that I`ve had suck my dick. Viking even growls with pleasure and Robert sheds some tears of joy. The hotness of what ensues next was awesome. Danny`s alter-ego must be a black bear, because when he gets into it I almost fear for the safety of his bottom! With snarling, pulling, grabbing and smashing faces in pillows, Danny puts on one of his best shows for us yet. WoW! 05:27

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